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Study Requirements

Study requirements

Requirements of the study at the University for Contemporary Slovakia are really very simple:

  • Complete the registration form.
  • When you receive the authorization email with a link, confirm your interest in studying at the UPMS by clicking on that link.
  • On the UPMS website a new lecture will be progressively added each week, which you can view or read and subsequently you can test your knowledge from that lecture (we recommend you to subscribe to news about lectures, which will keep you informed about new lectures on the page).
  • You pass the exam if you correctly answer more than half of the ten questions.
  • Year of UPMS study consists of three trimesters, each trimester containing eight lectures (a total of 24 tests, in order to get a diploma at the end of the grade)
  • A diploma certifying your graduation from the UPMS grade will be send to you upon request to the address that you provided during registration. You may send the applications for diploma to univerzita@upms.sk
  • Date of the commencement of the study is not specified, you can do the tests sequentially or simultaneously.
  • Lecturers will be available to you online and through consultation hours. Exact consultation dates and consulting lecturer will be notified by email on time or you can find this information on the website - section  University – Consultation Hours.