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Online University for Contemporary Slovakia is appealing to anyone interested in learning more about the functioning of the economy and broaden the view on economic affairs at home or abroad.

Study on UMPS can start at any time. You must sign up, study all the lectures and correctly answer all the test questions. The lectures are clear and simple, provided in a text form or video blog and are published once a week. The tests can be done sequentially or simultaneously.

Each academic year consists of three trimesters. One trimesters contains eight lectures. For progressing to the next grade and obtaining a diploma, you are required to pass all the tests (a total of 24 tests). It is enough to answer correctly more than half of the questions.

Diploma is a certificate showing that, as a graduate from any UPMS grade, you know the principles of market economy, sound management of state resources, knowledge economy and a need for innovation and modernization of our country. It also means that you understand the economic functioning of the world and current world issues. However, the diploma does not automatically makes you eligible for getting a better job and might not be accepted by an employer.